Sean is an ant condemned to execution for cheating on The Queen. However, he managed to escape back to do what got him in trouble in the first place. Having BDSM sessions with Vix, a scorpion ready to make a man suffer.

After realizing he’s homeless and unemployed, Vix makes an offer he can’t refuse. To become her personal slave.
Sean is more than ready to live the misadventure he so craves.



Gutsy (Art and writing)

Hello! I'm Gutsy and I'm happily creating smutty comics!

I discovered the joys of drawing smut in 2013, right now I'm still relatively new but I'm trying to get better every day. I've been self-employed since 2011 but I'm contributing to Filthy Figments, a subscription-only website featuring erotic comics by women for everyone.


Yoto (Concept and co-writing)

Yo, I'm Yoto! I'm mostly an idea guy, but I draw too! I made up Vix years ago as a sadistic woman with a venomous twist. Gutsy is a really good friend of mine and I'm more than happy to help her on this project.


- What does the comic contains?
Sexual content (primarily BDSM), explicit language and mild violence.

- How often does the comic updates?
Gutsy tries to post 4 pages a month, however the number of updates depends on the amount of work she has.

- Do the characters respect every insect aspect of their species?
Of course not, there are a lot of things that are left out for the sake of their humanity.