VIX CHADUAN (Scorpion | 27 yo)

An aristocratic scorpion woman. From a young age Vix was very interested in toxicology, becoming an expert in the poisons and venoms of the world. Over the years her interest has caused her to form an acute fetish for it and loves creating new toxins or seeing the effects of them. Vix's sophisticated and eloquent demeanor belies her sadistic and dominatrix tendencies and her world view is skewed in such a way that anyone weaker than her is her play thing. And that includes Sean. Deep down she probably cares about him, though. I mean...right?


SEAN ANTONICH (Ant | 24 yo)

Once he was one of the Queen’s favorites, now he has a new queen who satisfies his masochistic desires. He was raised in an environment pretty similar to a cult and he started escaping the ant colony when he was a teenager to explore the world and has since become very good at it. At 20 years old he was transferred to the Antonich Colony where his last name was change and his real duty started: Keeping the Ant Queen satisfied. However, he was missing something in life and that void was filled completely when he met Vix in one of his many escapes.